Community Reflection #4

Community Reflection #4

Coronavirus story

New Hartford Library

Barbara Shuck

The calendar was full….it is now empty. A meeting for a book club at the New Hartford Library was among the notations. Another book club is meeting through zoom in front of our individual computers. I have learned to borrow books from the library using my I Pad…read them there and return them…I am also noticing there are people waiting for the book even though each book has a two week limit.

My technology skills have been stretched. Adding Zoom to my meeting groups, borrowing books on my I pad were a big step, but I have a college student grandson living with me who helped me. He is taking classes on line and learning how to deal with that. Two grandsons in their senior years in high school are missing the sports and the friends they have made . They can speak through computers and phones but in person contact is the best. My family is good about keeping in contact.

It has been interesting attending different churches online and this Easter weekend I attended a service in Jerusalem. The museums and acting groups are giving me some entertainment . I recently saw a wonderful performance of Amadeus done by Syracuse Stage . I was sitting here at the computer all the time.

There are concerns. One of the boys who used to play in the rock band in my basement just died in Savannah, GA. My eyes are full of tears. One of my sister’s loved ones just died in Nebraska. None of us knows how vulnerable we are and without testing we won’t know. I made a mask with my bandanna to wear in the stores and today my friend left me one that looks like a welding mask . It looks more comfortable than the one I was wearing.

My church has kept the food pantry open on a limited basis. I worry about people who don’t have enough food, are wondering about whether they will have housing, can pay their bills. I feel blessed there is still food in the freezer to cook and my grandson is able to shop for me once a week…He is being careful too as he has asthma. We have bought take out food from a few local restaurants that we hope stay in business.

At first I organized closets and that was a good thing. There are books to read and give away. The thrift shops will be busy with all the things that were stored on our shelves and in our closets when this is over.

There is a pile of stories and memories which I have written. This is probably the time to get it all put together together . Perhaps the lessons I have learned in this lifetime will be helpful for someone else.