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Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born Jamie Lee Curtis
You’re Not My Real Mother! Molly Friedrich
Being Adopted Maxine Rosenberg




Mama and Daddy Bear’s Divorce Cornelia Maude Spelman
Mom and Dad Break Up Joan Prestine
Mom and Dad Don’t Live Together Anymore Kathy Stinson
Two Homes Claire Madurel
On the Day His Daddy Left Eric J. Adams
A New Room for William Sally Grindley
When Your Parents Divorce: Kid to Kid Guide to Dealing With Divorce Kimberly King




Families Have Together Harriet Ziefert


Items with an asterisk and in bold font below are items New Hartford Public Library owns.  All other items are in the Mid-York System.  The following lists are broken down by grade level.

Family 1st Grade Level


Anderson, Peggy To the Tub.
Bonsall, Crosby Who’s a Pest?
Cassidy, Anne Naughty Nancy.
**Cazet, Denys The Octopus.
**Chorao, Kay Here Comes Kate.
Guilfoile, Elizabeth Nobody Listens to Andrew.
Hayward, Linda Monster Bug.
Himmelman, John The Clover County Carrot Contest.
Lewis, Rob Too Much Trouble for Grandpa.
Lewis, Thomas Frida’s Office Day.
**Little, Jean Emma’s Yucky Brother.
**McDonald, Megan Daisy Jane, Best-Ever Flower Girl!
Minarik, Else No Fighting, No Biting!
**O’Connor, Jane Fancy Nancy, Poison Ivy Expert.
**Ormerod, Jan Ballet Sisters: The Duckling and the Swan.
Rocklin, Joanne Not Enough Room!
Ruelle, Karen Gray Mother’s Day Mess.
Schecter, Ellen Sleep Tight, Pete.
Sharmat, Marjorie Mooch the Messy.
Slater, Teddy N-O Spells No!
Warner, Gertrude A Present for Grandfather.


2nd Grade Level


Ahlberg, Allan The Woman Who Won Things.
**Danziger, Paula What a Trip, Amber Brown.
Gifford, Peggy Elizabeth Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little.
Hanlon, Abby Dory Fantasmagory.
McDonough, Yona Zeidis A Doll Named Dora Anne.
Munsch, Robert N. I’m So Embarrassed!
O’Neill, Catharine Annie and Simon.
Porte, Barbara Ann Harry in Trouble.
**Sachar, Louis Kidnapped at Birth?
Urban, Linda Weekends with Max and His Dad.
Wight, Eric Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom.
Wissinger, Tamera Will Gone Fishing: A Novel in Verse.