Fines and Loans

Fines and Loans



Loan Period


New Books 14 Days $0.25 per Day
Music CDs 14 Days $0.25 per Day
Books on CD/Cassette 14 Days $0.25 per Day
Orange Dot DVDs 2 Days $2.00 per Day
Blue Dot Videos/DVDs 7 Days $2.00 per Day
Circulating Encyclopedias 7 Days $0.25 per Day
Books and All Other Materials 21 Days $0.25 per Day
Privileges are denied for fines over $5.00

Maximum fine is $10.00 per item or cost of item!


  • Date due slips are placed in books and other materials to remind you when the item is due.
  • All overdue fines are automatically calculated when an item is returned. Fines will appear on your record until they are paid. Fines for New Hartford items may be paid at many Mid York Library System libraries or online at
  • You may also log in to the Mid York Catalog to view your account information, current holdings, and outstanding fines.
  • Lost and damaged library materials must be paid for by the borrower — including fines on inter-library loans.
  • Borrowers with fines over $10.00 will have their borrowing privileges suspended at New Hartford Public Library and all Mid York Libraries until fines are paid. Large fines/charges may be referred to a collection agency whose fees will be added to the fines already owed.  For your convenience, fines may now be paid online at


  • Books may be renewed as long as there are no holds on the item.
  • Books can be renewed twice
  • Items may be renewed on line at Mid York Catalog, at the library, or by telephone.
  • DVDs cannot be renewed on line. Please call us at 315 733 1535.