Library Garden

The Library Garden

“If you have a garden and a library, You have everything you need.”  ~Cicero


Our Garden is a much appreciated gift of Elizabeth Keller-Lally. We feel it is an addition that makes New Hartford’s Library unique.

Gardens and fields. It is always interesting to watch the Library Garden take on the colors of fall but for many years the Library has also been surrounded by open fields. These fields also change through the seasons exhibiting a mix of growth and wildflowers that change day to day.

Fallishness in the Garden 2019

Summer Garden 2019

August Garden 2018


Garden and Fields September 2017


The library Garden has a long row of pink,white and red herbaceous peonies. As in the past they put on a spectacular display this year. If only we could also capture the fragrance.

Peonies in the Garden June 2017