Reasons for Giving

Reasons for Giving

To many, a library is an essential part of what makes a community.  After many years without a library, a grass roots effort in 1975 enabled the New Hartford Volunteer Library to  open in a single room.  Since this small beginning, public support has enabled the library to grow.  It is now known as the New Hartford Public Library and it occupies its own modern 19,000 square foot building.


But the task is not yet done.  It is, in fact, a labor of love that never can be said to be completed.  As the 21st century moves forward, the Library must continue to be an influence for literacy, a source for current information, a center of community involvement, and an encouragement for the pure joy of reading.


As new ideas and events influence society, timely new books and media will be a necessity; as technologies advance, the library must be able to use them to its best advantage.


The Library must continue its commitment to children by providing a pleasant environment that fosters the love of reading for all ages.  The Library must be able to provide a space where children, young adults, and their parents will feel welcome and safe.


Last but far from least,the New Hartford Public Library must assure that the community elders and community members with disabilities have the best possible access to its services.


A tax-deductible gift to the New Hartford Public Library is an excellent way to enhance and maintain library services.  The simplest way to help is to make a monetary donation at one of the designated giving levels.  A printable donation form can be located here.


So that your gift will truly reflect the spirit in which it is intended, we are always happy to discuss other donation options with you.  For further information, please contact the Library’s Interim Director, Anne DuRoss, at 315-733-1535.  To view additional suggestions for giving a gift to the Library, please click here.